Save the date! Conference Connecting the Dots – Acceleration, breakthroughs and co-creation in food, mobility and buildings - 30 January 2015

Conference Connecting the Dots, 30 january 2015: save the date. Drones, 4D printing, DNA-sequencing, lab-on-a-chip, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of disruptive innovations in food, mobility and buildings. They will inevitably interact, creating new dynamics and challenging society and governments. But what exactly are these challenges, and will we be able to adapt to them? Can we proactively leverage technology to help us cope with major societal and environmental issues?

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We challenge you to broaden your horizons at the Connecting the Dots conference on 30 January 2015, 09:00 –17:00 hrs, Media Plaza, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The conference offers you access to eminent thinkers and innovators. You will have an opportunity to explore and taste the latest technologies in food, mobility and buildings. You can debate on their impact on our living and working environment and on the changing roles of public and private parties in our society. English will be the conference working language, and admission is free.


The conference will offer a balanced mix of interactive participation and keynote addresses by internationally recognized experts including Carlota Perez (London School of Economics), Kent Larson (Michigan Institute of Technology), André Kuipers (European Space Agency), Jaap Seidell (University of Amsterdam), and Bryant Walker Smith (Stanford Law School, TBC).

Are you ready to become a part of this adaptive process?

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Survey of technological innovations for the physical domain

The 'Survey of technological innovations for the physical domain' will be presented at the confenrence.

The Council invites you to reflect on the initial draft text. What do you think?

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De informatie over de 'Verkenning technologische innovaties' is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar, evenals de conceptteksten.