Europe challenged to tackle climate change

Europe’s independent scientific advisers on the environment and sustainable development from 15 countries will issue a stark warning today - Friday 9 September 2005 - that all European countries are not doing enough to slow the loss of wildlife accelerated by climate change. At their annual conference, this year in Oxfordshire, they ask all Member States and the European Commission to commit now to agreeing what they need to do to adapt to the change and minimise the detrimental effects on our natural environment.

The European Environmental Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) network is a collaboration of organisations appointed by European Governments to provide independent, scientifically-based advice on the environment and sustainable development. They will release a statement at their annual conference outlining their current scientific understanding of the projected scale and effects of climate change. There are already agreements to tackle the causes of climate change, but the EEAC challenges all member States to commit to dealing with the unavoidable effects for wildlife over the coming decades.