Online event international rail

The Council organised an online event to highlight the recommendations - focussing on the proposed corridor approach - and discuss these findings in a European context
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Rli online event international rail

Friday 18 September 2020, 10:00 - 12:00 hrs

Trains have the potential to make an increasingly important contribution to safe, energy-efficient and low carbon emission transport. In this way, international passenger rail transport can play a crucial part in the realisation of the goals set for the European Green Deal. How do we shape international coordination to ensure Europe has a well-functioning network of frequent and fast international connections?

To find an answer, the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) has published an advisory report on international rail: “Changing Tracks: Towards better international passenger transport by train” (which will be available in English in September). An important part of this advisory report is a letter addressed to the European Commission. This letter was co-signed by advisory bodies from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, and endorsed by still more. To highlight the recommendations - focussing on the proposed corridor approach - and discuss these findings in a European context, the Rli is hosting an online conference.

The following speakers (amongst others) are contributing by presenting their visions on international rail passenger transport and the corridor approach, and are taking part in an interactive panel discussion:

Jeroen Kok    
Chair of the council committee (Rli)
Wijnand Veeneman
Member of the council committee (Rli)
Daniel Mes        
Member of Cabinet Frans Timmermans
Monika Heiming           
Executive Director of the European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM)
Libor Lochman            
Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)
Josef Doppelbauer    
Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)
Elisabeth Werner     
Director Land Transport of the European Commission (DG-MOVE)

The conference promises to be informative, but also inspirational: we aim to share a vision on international rail as a way to a greener future for Europe and leave participants with inspiration and enthusiasm to put the recommendations in to practice.

We welcome all interested parties, government authorities and experts in the rail sector who are interested in improving international passenger rail transport to join. Participants are invited to play an active role: contribute to the conference by sending in your questions live in our chatbox. Your input will then shape the panel discussion that concludes the conference.

Networking opportunity
In addition, at the end of the presentations and panel discussion we offer you an online networking opportunity to connect with presenters and participants of the meeting (12:00 – 12:30).

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